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The CSA MN events rely and are possible with your financial support. Sponsorship at CSA MN, is all about building strong partnerships with companies that provide products and services for the cloud security industry. Our membership community is eager to learn about cloud security technologies from experts in the business - YOU. Our goal is to provide these opportunities in a non-sales environment to achieve practical application in their daily job.

Sponsorship Benefits

 Check out all the great benefits your company can participate in by becoming a sponsor.

Membership Numbers

Almost 500 members strong!

Companies Represented

78 companies and counting!

Fortune 1000 Companies Represented

16 companies and counting!

Events to Attend & Participate In

Past 3 events:

  • Close to 40% engagement

  • Last in person event, 131 members attended

Industries Represented
  • Services

  • Health Care

  • Media

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Food & Beverage

  • Industrials

  • Financial

  • Transportation

Membership Engagement Initiatives
  • Peer Portal (Circle)

  • Event Participation (Video conferencing capabilities

  • Other Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and LI)

As a sponsor for CSA MN, we believe the most successful approach is to build and create a strong partnership with your firm.  We do ask that you refrain from using our events as a sales opportunity as we know you will gain much more trust and confidence from our members if you instead, showcase your thought leadership and trends in the cloud security industry.

As a sponsor, we look forward to you presenting at our chapter meetings. Please review our presentation recommendations:

  • Present on industry specific topics

  • Current threats and trends within the information security / risk management markets.

  • ​Emerging best practices. How has the environment changes from the past 2 years. 

  • Associate your company’s presentation to the monthly topic we are covering so it compliments or highlights a specific area that may relate to your company’s expertise.

  • Plan to provide some questions that can be asked as this helps engage our members to ask additional questions.

  • Provide of a copy of your presentation to our CSA MN Board to review and approve content and participate in event coordination 1 week prior to the event. ​


We hope that these benefits and opportunities provide you with incentive to become a sponsor, we look forward to hearing from you!

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